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CamScan Volume 10 catalogue features the latest in AHD 2.0, EX-SDI, and 4K camera technologies. Further, the latest in network and digital recording solutions are featured in this latest edition.

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Products Type & Categories

CamScan includes a diverse and distinct range of products to meet all different requirements.

Cameras include PTZ,bullet,dome , Thermal & box ..etc cameras

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Recorders include Network Video Recorders & Digital Video Recorders

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Smart Home include Smart Control Devices

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Others Products include miscellaneous products

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Video Surveillance Systems

CAMSCAN LIMITED has been producing cutting-edge video surveillance systems for almost 10 years.

The full spectrum of security requirements is covered from cameras (analogue, HD over coax, IP and specialty cameras), to recorders (both analogue recorders and network video recorders).

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Security Surveillance Cameras

Over the years, CAMSCAN has developed new image capture technologies for security cameras.

These technologies have been incorporated into CAMSCAN's IP cameras, HD over coax cameras, analogue cameras, and specialty cameras.

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Security Surveillance Recorders

DVR's and NVR's for all project sizes and recording time, resolution, and frame-rate requirements are covered with the CAMSCAN range.

Third party integration is possible on all CAMSCAN recording solutions.

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Other Products

CAMSCAN offers a full security cameras solution.

this includes miscellaneous products that facilitate the systems integrators job.

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Features & Services

Deciding to install a surveillance solution system in your home is the easy step. But knowing the type and features of the camera... Now that's the hard part.
Camscan security cameras have many features and options, the most prominent of which are described below.

Remote Access and Cloud Backup

This means that you are able to see live footage from the camera on your mobile phone while you are way, even in another also gives you control over how and where you can access your security system

Motion Sensors and Automation

The primary of Motion Sensors & Automation advantage is that it cuts down the amount of footage being recorded, saving you tonnes of storage space. It also helps save your internet data as it needs fewer backups to the cloud

Night Vision/Low-Light Cameras

Most cameras record footage that resembles regular black and white videos. Camsan camera systems use infrared or heat-vision cameras for completely dark areas where simple night vision does not quite cut it

Ability to securely back up footage offsite

Mitigate any risk of losing vital footage due to deliberate or accidental damage (fire/flooding etc.) to local recorders, by storing footage with camscanner recorders

Ability to add users easily and quickly

Allows the main user to edit permissions quickly so that they can allow other people to monitor the footage as well It should also allow other users to access the footage

Ability to save time by finding footage quickly

Scheduling can significantly reduce the amount of irrelevant footage recorded, but Camsan system’s object detection can save even more time


CamScan is a security solutions company offered surveillance products divided into six main categories, box/zoom cameras, infrared cameras, mini-dome cameras, speed-dome cameras (or PTZ cameras), DVRs, IP and other products. Furthermore, CamScan offers comprehensive access control and security monitoring solutions as well as providing professional CCTV consultation.

In Addition..

CamScan is pleased to have recently pursued an expansion into the small and large scale IP solution projects field. Naturally, such systems require Central Management Systems (CMS) integration, which are offered as well to complete the surveillance system package.

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